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Last weekend was my first time to camp...ever! I've gone hiking many times but I have never actually "gone camping." (Sleeping in air conditioned cabins at Pine Cove doesn't count! And staying overnight in a Swiss lodge after a day of hiking doesn't really count!) This was hard core camping....meaning sleeping in a tent! And guess what...it was a blast!

We did about a 5 mile hike wearing our backpacks filled with water, snacks, bug spray, sheets & sleeping bags. Here are a few snap shots of our adventure in the Los Angeles National Forest!

Waterfall along the hike! 
T hiking
Making Smores! My favorite part of the night! 
B making smores! 
Good thing Bryan was a boy scout!
He knew how to set up the tent, build a fire & do everything else needed to camp! 
We were giggling in the tent because it was just funny to be camping! 
Bryan cooked us "camping food" on his little stove he packed in his bag! It actually tasted pretty good!

Overall, it was quite an adventure! I think I will go camping again!
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