Vitamin Water National Commercial (Casting by People Farm & ME!)

I just wanted to share with you my favorite project I've been a part of since starting a casting career in Los Angeles in 2005.

I loved casting these "REAL PEOPLE" for this commercial...It was the biggest and most well-pulled off prank in my history of "hidden camera" television casting projects! (The kids in this commercial were told that they would be flying to Arizona after auditioning to be an audience "extra" for a live performance taping from a band/artist that I "didn't have details about just yet" but I told them to "trust me" and that it was a casting call for something really fun & cool to add to their resumes. After interviewing and auditioning for over 100 college-aged kids & a few weeks of behind the scenes casting work for this "audience member live event casting call".....the people featured on the plane are REAL PEOPLE who honestly thought they had been picked to fly to a concert taping and be an "EXTRA"....little did they know they were chosen to be in a NATIONAL COMMERCIAL for a HUGE company!

Thank you for trusting me as your casting director - I hope you are blessed every time this commercial airs and congrats on getting your SAG credentials...sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time....and if you choose to "just show up" and see what doors God opens for you....you will be BLESSED!

I truly loved each "kid" who I worked with getting them to this "undercover hidden camera" project...and I hope they are all happy to find out they were part of a commercial that aired tonight during AMERICAN IDOL and a major NBA basketball game!

I'm so blessed to have been a part of this & I have to give a shout out to Nick Chiodini of People Farm Casting... #farmingfresh #teampeoplefarm

If you are looking to cast REAL PEOPLE for anything...team people farm has it in the bag!!
Congrats to People Farm & Smuggler for helping make this commercial happen & pull this HUGE prank off! And thanks to the artists B.o.B. and DJ Skeeter for giving their time, energy and talent to this project! The fans on the place were shocked!

And at the end of the day....this is why I love that God has made me a Casting Guru! I do love what I do!  #BORINGTOBRILLIANT

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