London..I'm in Love!

Bryan and I just returned from our first trip to London!

We spent a few days singing in the rain, dining on fish and chips, posing and taking pictures with Royal guards, "getting lost" walking around London while stumbling on famous sites such as the Palace of Westminster, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, The London Eye, stopping at a local pub to hang with local chaps in Piccadilly Circus, visiting Shakespeare's globe, riding in black cabs with drivers who call you "darling" in a cute accent, walking across the Tower Bridge, strolling around Trafalgar Square, stopping by Winston Churchill's War Rooms, shopping at Harrods and sipping campaign on the top floor of Harvey Nichols...and so many more fun adventures! 

Neither of us had ever been there before so naturally that was our next destination and adventure to check off our bucket list!

After we visited London, we flew over to one of our favorite destinations...you guessed it..Switzerland! We spent a lovely week hanging out with my family all around Geneva, Bern, Rolle, Gland, Bursinel and other picture perfect Swiss areas. Stay tuned to my next post about the rest of our week relaxing, hiking, sightseeing, shopping & living the Suisse life! 

Here are a few fav photos from our London visit! (Photos taken by the amazing photographer, Bryan Mason!)

Big Ben
Where should we wonder to next? 
London Eye at night! 
Changing of the Guards...my favorite!

Tower Bridge

I. Love. London. 



cindy gatewood said...

SO fun!

Donna said...

Bonjour Teresa, (HI)
Thanks for posting this amazing trip to London. I thought of my own time there and smiled a lot.
I miss you and Bryan! xoxo

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