Arts & Crafts for Toddlers

If you are a mom you probably have a mile long list of things to do with your kids! If you are babysitting or have a niece or nephew and run out of ideas for fun things to do, here are some easy fun crafts and games for playtime fun with a toddler (ages 2-3) other than turning on Yo Gabba Gabba! (I am babysitting my niece this week and these are some of the things we have done so far!) 
  • Make a fairy-princess wand! 
  • Play Dress Up! 
  • Make a paper bag puppet 
  • Bake something together that is quick and easy! (blueberry muffins) 
  • Create a "Time Capsule" using a shoe box then decorate it with colored paper, stickers and any materials you find around the house to glue on the box! Fill it with art from the day, photos, anything fun!  
  • Q & A Art: Ask the toddler to fill in the blanks..."My favorite food is..."  or My Favorite game to play with my Aunt is..." and fill in the blanks with their answer, some answers can be funny! 
  • Glue stuff: A glue stick isn't too messy just supervise! Cut out magazine pictures, wrapping paper, coloring book pages -- just about anything a toddler can sort through and pick out her favorites to glue on paper. Reese loved this craft! 
  •  Dance partyI bought "Countdown Kids" on itunes which has 30 popular toddler songs for less than 5 bucks for my niece and I to sing along with while we played! 
  • Hide and Seek (great way to practice counting to 20!) 
  • Build a Tent  
  • Finger Paint/Draw with Markers and Colors


Katie said...

You're such a great aunt!! I bet she's having as much fun as you are :)

Donna said...

I wish I could play too!
love, G-mommy (Reesie Pie's darling.)

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