Play date with Piper

Paige and Piper came over for a play date with me & Reese! It was too cute watching them play together! It was so good to catch up with Paige & finally meet her precious Piper in person! (We have skyped but never actually met!) Too much fun! Little blessings! Thanks for coming to see us in Plano! Love you girls! See ya next time! 


Donna said...

Teresa, I am so happy you got to meet and play with Piper, and the special memories Reesie Pie has of today are so happy& sweet!xoxo

Donna said...

So glad Paige could bring Piper to meet you! I have a happy <3, I know you miss Paige alot!

Paige said...

We had so much fun! Piper loved you and sweet Reese. Thanks for all the yummy food and great conversation, it was much overdue! We miss you here in TX. You are a fabulous Aunt, Reese is one lucky girl! Hugs!

cindy gatewood said...

What a couple of cuties on a play
date! Thanks Teresa, for having
P&P over! I'll bet Reese thought
it was cool to be the "big" girl!


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