Buon Giorno!

Buon giorno! 
Bryan and I are going to Rome! We are excited to explore Italy, eat pasta and gellato and say "When in Rome" any time we want to splurge! Since B and I have never been to Rome..we made it our next European destination get-away! (last time we went to Paris) We have been taking notes of all the sights to see and things to do there! 

After 3 days, we will say ciao to Rome and Bonjour to Switzerland where we are staying for the rest of our European trip for some quality family time with my Daddy, my big sister Pam & her husband Kevin!

My dad, who is now a member of the Swiss hiking club, always plans these amazing excursions for the family! (side note: Pam and I are trying to get him to start blogging about his Swiss hiking experiences. Stay tuned for that! If not a blog, maybe a book!) Take a look at some of the pics from our 2010 Switzerland hiking trip! 

That's us!

My Dad, Me & Bryan 
Bryan During a 2-day Hike in the Alps!
Pam and Kevin 
My Dad and His Hiking Guide, Patrick 
My Swiss Hiker Dad and Big Sister Pam! 
My dad loves to take us on hiking trips when we are all together in Switzerland. That way we not only see the Swiss mountains, but really experience the beauty of Switzerland. We've skied in the Swiss Alps (well, we tried to get Reese to ski but she was NOT going to have it! I think it was the ski boots!) We've walked on glaciers, hiked through beautiful pastures and mountains, and even had a snack break right next to the Matterhorn. (below!)
The Matterhorn,
located on the Pennine Alps on the border
between Switzerland and Italy 
Only 3 more days until Bryan and I leave Los Angeles & arrive in Europe! I'm getting SO excited I've already started packing! I can't wait to tell you about our next adventure with  photos to come! Long story short, I am so blessed with an amazing family to make memories with!  

Au revoir! A la prochaine! (Good bye! Until next time!) 

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