Breaking Dawn Red Carpet Movie Premiere

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Yesterday I had an excuse to buy a new outfit and get all dolled up for a one of a kind date night! Bryan and I were invited to attend the Breaking Dawn movie premiere and reception (cast after party) with my good friend Bonnie Horton! Did we have a blast or what! Not only did we see the movie before it has come out, we also saw the cast members and other celebs! 

It was a star studded "black carpet" event that celebs such as Lauren Alaina, Paul McDonald, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Heather Locklear, Seth Green, Danica Patrick, Bruno Mars and many others attended to catch a glimpse of the Twilight Cast and watch the world premiere of Summit Entertainment's latest movie, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 1. 

The movie was awesome, but I wont give away any of the details and ruin it for you since it comes out later this week! After the movie premiere we were lucky to be invited to attend the cast after party which was held at the LA Live event deck in downtown Los Angeles. The venue was beautifully decorated like "Bella's wedding" (which you will see in the movie) The catering was amazing and everything looked just like it did in the movie. Cell phones weren't allowed until later in the evening so I don't have many photos but here is a sneak peak at the ones I managed to take! 

I enjoyed the movie and can't wait until next year to see Breaking Dawn Part 2! Thanks Bonnie for inviting us, and thank you to Jacey Kassabian of Eleanor Jean haute beauty boutique, for doing my beautiful make up for the event!   http://eleanorjeanboutique.com/

"Revenge" star Gabriel Mann 


Mississippi Picnic

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This weekend was the "Mississippi in LA Picnic" so B and I went to see what it's all about. There was mingling with other Mississippi folks, a blues band, pulled pork sandwiches and good ole' fashion sweet tea. It was a blast! Love my "Mississippi in LA" family. (P.S. I thought I took a lot of photos but ends up I only took about 3! Bummer!) If you live in LA and went to school in Mississippi or are from there, (or married a Mississippi boy like me) then you should come next time! http://www.mississippipicnicla.com/

Bryan and I enjoying southern style catfish, pulled pork & sweet tea!  

Me & My Vicksburg Belle, Bonnie 

Until next time Ya'll,


Celeb Sighting: Kyle Richards of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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I love a good celebrity sighting, It always reminds me of why it's fun to live in Hollywood!

Today I was in Sherman Oaks at a mall "scouting" for families to be on my new show I'm currently working on. While I was scanning the crowd for fresh talent, I spotted my favorite Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards, doing some holiday shopping! As usual, I tweeted my favorite celebrity to make sure it was really her, and sure enough, she tweeted back to confirm!
Check her out on Twitter!

This may be one of my favorite celeb sightings this year!
If you don't know who Kyle is, she is fabulous. Want to know more about Kyle?

Until next time,
xoxo from your Hollywood Guru,



Let's Tango!

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If you watch "So You Think You Can Dance" you might recognize this couple I met today, Miriam & Leonardo, Tango professionals & choreographers on SYTYCD! 

They came in to audition for a new show that I can't tell you about just yet, and I was the lucky camera man helping out with the audition, taping them do the tango in our audition room! They were very sweet and amazing tango dancers! I took this pic to send to my sister who loves the show (*the dance mom!) I sent her an autographed photo from another SYTYCD star earlier this year from Pasha! (he wrote "To Pam and her Tiny dancer Reese, from Pasha") Next I want to meet Cat! :) Or Nappy Tabs, what a cute couple! 
Not a bad day for just another Monday at the office! Ciao! 


Dream Big

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Most of my jobs I've ever had, I have had the pleasure of working from my home office. However, my latest gig requires me to come in to the office and I decided it's kind of fun, especially with a view of the Hollywood sign!

Every time I look out the window and see the Hollywood sign, I think of my mom always telling me to "dream big" no matter what it was that I wanted to do. As a high school and college student there were so many things I wanted to do and I love looking back and realizing "wow, my former "career" bucket list is pretty much complete!" Thanks to a big faith and big dreams, as well as having an amazing family to support that, I'm feeling very blessed!
Here's the view from my office at People Farm Casting  (which we call the "red room" since it's painted red with red furniture)


Now Casting: Fun Families in Southern California

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Do you have an AMAZING family? Have you ever thought, “My family should be on TV?” Then we want to meet you!
Fun and Outgoing Families living in Southern California for a new major cable network game show!
Family teams should ideally consist of both parents and two or
more children, but we are also looking for great families with just one child!
To submit your family, send your name, child’s school grade/
age, contact info and location to People Farm Casting ASAP! 


Casting: Engaged Couples

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Now Casting Couples in Southern California getting married between Sept-Dec 2011 

To inquire about this special opportunity contact casting at Teresamlowther@gmail.com
Include the following in your submission: 
- Names
- Phone Number
- Wedding Date
- 1-3 pictures of you and your significant other
- Brief description of who you are
- Location


Now Casting: Southern Ladies who Love The Lord!

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Do you live in the Bible Belt? Do you Dig Jesus? 

A friend of mine is now casting a new Docu-Reality show and is currently seeking 

Southern 'Ladies who Love the Lord! 

If you know an amazing, outgoing, woman of faith living in the South,
Email Me ASAP! teresamlowther@gmail.com  

Please send your: Name, age, location, contact information, name of church/
congregation, your role in the church, your favorite hobbies and one Bible
quote that sums up how you live your life. Please include a few recent
photos of you and your friends.

Just for kicks, go ahead and put "JESUS" in the subject of your email! :) 

Check out the official info below! 

“How shall they believe in Him who they have not heard?"
Romans 10:14

Help them hear! Be a part of this groundbreaking, mind-awakening docu-series from a major television studio!


One of America’s leading nonfiction production companies is developing a new
television series that will highlight the lives, hopes, dreams and responsibilities of
a group of women who are leaders in their Christian community.

Television is filled with so-called “real housewives.” It’s time for real Christian
housewives to get their voices heard!

Are you an active organizer in your church and a force behind your community’s
social functions?
Are you the wife of a charismatic pastor?
Do friends always turn to you for guidance and advice?

Are you a woman who encourages those around you to hold strong to their
convictions and uphold a traditional lifestyle?

Are you a leader of your spiritual community, or maybe even yourself a woman of
the cloth?


We are looking for 4 or 5 women from one large congregation or a network of
women from different churches within the same community.

If you or someone you know fits the description above, please email us as soon
as possible. We would love to hear your story and consider you and your friends
for this project!

Contact me and I will be happy to refer you! 
Email: TERESAMLOWTHER@gmail.com 

Please send your: 
Name, age, location, contact information, name of church/
congregation, your role in the church, your favorite hobbies and one Bible
quote that sums up how you live your life. Please include a few recent
photos of you and your friends.


Happy 36 Years!

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Happy 36th Wedding Anniversary
 to my parents-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Mason! 
"I received you as parents on the day I wed your son. So I just want to thank you for all that you have done. You gave to me a special man with whom I share my life.You're his loving parents and I'm blessed to be his wife. Your faith, hope and kindness are qualities that we treasure. But most of all we appreciate the love you give without measure. So we celebrate you both on your anniversary day.And we all love you more than words can say" -anonymous
 Remember the yesterdays, plan your tomorrow and celebrate today. 
Happy anniversary to a lovely couple, incredible role models and 
amazing parents-in-law! We love you both very much!


Buon Giorno!

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Buon giorno! 
Bryan and I are going to Rome! We are excited to explore Italy, eat pasta and gellato and say "When in Rome" any time we want to splurge! Since B and I have never been to Rome..we made it our next European destination get-away! (last time we went to Paris) We have been taking notes of all the sights to see and things to do there! 

After 3 days, we will say ciao to Rome and Bonjour to Switzerland where we are staying for the rest of our European trip for some quality family time with my Daddy, my big sister Pam & her husband Kevin!

My dad, who is now a member of the Swiss hiking club, always plans these amazing excursions for the family! (side note: Pam and I are trying to get him to start blogging about his Swiss hiking experiences. Stay tuned for that! If not a blog, maybe a book!) Take a look at some of the pics from our 2010 Switzerland hiking trip! 

That's us!

My Dad, Me & Bryan 
Bryan During a 2-day Hike in the Alps!
Pam and Kevin 
My Dad and His Hiking Guide, Patrick 
My Swiss Hiker Dad and Big Sister Pam! 
My dad loves to take us on hiking trips when we are all together in Switzerland. That way we not only see the Swiss mountains, but really experience the beauty of Switzerland. We've skied in the Swiss Alps (well, we tried to get Reese to ski but she was NOT going to have it! I think it was the ski boots!) We've walked on glaciers, hiked through beautiful pastures and mountains, and even had a snack break right next to the Matterhorn. (below!)
The Matterhorn,
located on the Pennine Alps on the border
between Switzerland and Italy 
Only 3 more days until Bryan and I leave Los Angeles & arrive in Europe! I'm getting SO excited I've already started packing! I can't wait to tell you about our next adventure with  photos to come! Long story short, I am so blessed with an amazing family to make memories with!  

Au revoir! A la prochaine! (Good bye! Until next time!) 


Play date with Piper

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Paige and Piper came over for a play date with me & Reese! It was too cute watching them play together! It was so good to catch up with Paige & finally meet her precious Piper in person! (We have skyped but never actually met!) Too much fun! Little blessings! Thanks for coming to see us in Plano! Love you girls! See ya next time! 


Arts & Crafts for Toddlers

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If you are a mom you probably have a mile long list of things to do with your kids! If you are babysitting or have a niece or nephew and run out of ideas for fun things to do, here are some easy fun crafts and games for playtime fun with a toddler (ages 2-3) other than turning on Yo Gabba Gabba! (I am babysitting my niece this week and these are some of the things we have done so far!) 
  • Make a fairy-princess wand! 
  • Play Dress Up! 
  • Make a paper bag puppet 
  • Bake something together that is quick and easy! (blueberry muffins) 
  • Create a "Time Capsule" using a shoe box then decorate it with colored paper, stickers and any materials you find around the house to glue on the box! Fill it with art from the day, photos, anything fun!  
  • Q & A Art: Ask the toddler to fill in the blanks..."My favorite food is..."  or My Favorite game to play with my Aunt is..." and fill in the blanks with their answer, some answers can be funny! 
  • Glue stuff: A glue stick isn't too messy just supervise! Cut out magazine pictures, wrapping paper, coloring book pages -- just about anything a toddler can sort through and pick out her favorites to glue on paper. Reese loved this craft! 
  •  Dance partyI bought "Countdown Kids" on itunes which has 30 popular toddler songs for less than 5 bucks for my niece and I to sing along with while we played! 
  • Hide and Seek (great way to practice counting to 20!) 
  • Build a Tent  
  • Finger Paint/Draw with Markers and Colors


Tim Urban (Idol Season 9)

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I ran into American Idol contestant Tim Urban at my cousin-in-law's pink carpet charity event launch called, "A Scent For Humanity"...
I totally was a fan of his! ha!  (he was on the season that Lee Dewyze won) 
so I think he counts as a celeb sighting, right? 
Anyway, he's from Dallas and so I had to tell him way to represent! :) 


Dear Daddy

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Happy Father's Day to the most amazing Daddy a girl could ever ask for! 

I will forever cherish the memories I've made with you daddy, and look forward to many more to come! 
From our favorite pastime of eating ice cream together, throwing baseballs through our tire in the backyard, Astros and Rockets games, the day you taught me to ride a bike on Christmas morning (remember you spilled coffee on my pound puppy?) Going to the ranch & making you SO proud when I (finally) shot my first deer, experiencing majestic views hiking in the Swiss mountains (remember when I fell on the glacier? You ran to my side and said, "Whats the matter baby! Are you okay sweetheart?" Wiping the tears from my eyes, even though I was 27...and I love that.
And my most favorite memory of all, when you walked me down the isle. I will NEVER forget that day and that moment with you, daddy.
Sam Mason (my Father in law) Bryan & My Daddy on the best day of my life! 

And to my NEW father-in-law, Sam Mason, I am honored to be your daughter-in-law and feel truly blessed to be a part of your family. Thank you for making my first year as a Mason truly special!

Here's to you both...Santé! Thank you for being wonderful fathers!   
Love you forever, 
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