Let's Tango!

If you watch "So You Think You Can Dance" you might recognize this couple I met today, Miriam & Leonardo, Tango professionals & choreographers on SYTYCD! 

They came in to audition for a new show that I can't tell you about just yet, and I was the lucky camera man helping out with the audition, taping them do the tango in our audition room! They were very sweet and amazing tango dancers! I took this pic to send to my sister who loves the show (*the dance mom!) I sent her an autographed photo from another SYTYCD star earlier this year from Pasha! (he wrote "To Pam and her Tiny dancer Reese, from Pasha") Next I want to meet Cat! :) Or Nappy Tabs, what a cute couple! 
Not a bad day for just another Monday at the office! Ciao! 

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