Breaking Dawn Red Carpet Movie Premiere

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Yesterday I had an excuse to buy a new outfit and get all dolled up for a one of a kind date night! Bryan and I were invited to attend the Breaking Dawn movie premiere and reception (cast after party) with my good friend Bonnie Horton! Did we have a blast or what! Not only did we see the movie before it has come out, we also saw the cast members and other celebs! 

It was a star studded "black carpet" event that celebs such as Lauren Alaina, Paul McDonald, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Heather Locklear, Seth Green, Danica Patrick, Bruno Mars and many others attended to catch a glimpse of the Twilight Cast and watch the world premiere of Summit Entertainment's latest movie, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 1. 

The movie was awesome, but I wont give away any of the details and ruin it for you since it comes out later this week! After the movie premiere we were lucky to be invited to attend the cast after party which was held at the LA Live event deck in downtown Los Angeles. The venue was beautifully decorated like "Bella's wedding" (which you will see in the movie) The catering was amazing and everything looked just like it did in the movie. Cell phones weren't allowed until later in the evening so I don't have many photos but here is a sneak peak at the ones I managed to take! 

I enjoyed the movie and can't wait until next year to see Breaking Dawn Part 2! Thanks Bonnie for inviting us, and thank you to Jacey Kassabian of Eleanor Jean haute beauty boutique, for doing my beautiful make up for the event!   http://eleanorjeanboutique.com/

"Revenge" star Gabriel Mann 


Mississippi Picnic

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This weekend was the "Mississippi in LA Picnic" so B and I went to see what it's all about. There was mingling with other Mississippi folks, a blues band, pulled pork sandwiches and good ole' fashion sweet tea. It was a blast! Love my "Mississippi in LA" family. (P.S. I thought I took a lot of photos but ends up I only took about 3! Bummer!) If you live in LA and went to school in Mississippi or are from there, (or married a Mississippi boy like me) then you should come next time! http://www.mississippipicnicla.com/

Bryan and I enjoying southern style catfish, pulled pork & sweet tea!  

Me & My Vicksburg Belle, Bonnie 

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Celeb Sighting: Kyle Richards of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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I love a good celebrity sighting, It always reminds me of why it's fun to live in Hollywood!

Today I was in Sherman Oaks at a mall "scouting" for families to be on my new show I'm currently working on. While I was scanning the crowd for fresh talent, I spotted my favorite Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards, doing some holiday shopping! As usual, I tweeted my favorite celebrity to make sure it was really her, and sure enough, she tweeted back to confirm!
Check her out on Twitter!

This may be one of my favorite celeb sightings this year!
If you don't know who Kyle is, she is fabulous. Want to know more about Kyle?

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