"Idol" Celeb Sighting

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It's a rainy day in Los Angeles today...so I decided to go browse one of my fav shops, H&M located on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood.

They have really trendy, fun clothes at a reasonable price. Even A-list celebs have been wearing H&M duds! So you can shop with the stars  without having to spend like them! 

The H&M clothes have collaborators such as top designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Viktor & Rolf, Roberto Cavalli, Comme des Garçons, Mathew Williamson, Jimmy Choo and Sonia Rykiel. 

Anyway back to my story...it was just me and a couple other customers browsing the store when in comes last year's American Idol winner, Lee DeWyze.
I totally recognized him the second he came in! 

He looked the exact same in person, but he was really short! Like half my size! lol.
I guess I never noticed his height on TV! 
He was trying on hoodies and beanies, then he talked to me about a hoodie I was picking out for B...he was very friendly and seemed like he wanted to be noticed!

I didn't want to be "that girl" so I didn't say anything but when I saw him come in the store, I had to tweet it and post a facebook status update to keep you in the know! 

Most people are SO obvious when they see a celeb! (I'm prob one of them!) 
I always get (secretly) excited, but if you want to meet them or just not be such a dork, the key is to be cool and act like you don't really know "who" they are. 
It confuses them and then they WANT to talk to you since you didn't freak out! 
I admit I have lost my cool a few, especially when I meet someone that my little brother is a huge fan of (in that case I am a total nerd and whip out a camera to take a snapshot for my bro!) 

One of the perks of living in this city of dreams is that you run into all types of A-listers, kind of fun, right?

Reporting live from Hollywood, this is Teresa Mason with the latest scoop, celeb sightings & stars who are just like us! (except famous!)  

Mac Nerd

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Macs, Iphones, Ipads oh my!
I love gadgets, technology, cool gizmos, you name it! I'm a Mac dork! 
The minute I start browsing the App store on my iphone or Mac, my to-do list 
goes out the window! I love finding cool apps to download and play with... 
Of course I do not like Angry birds or other dumb games, (except Words 
with Friends of course!) I tend to like the creative apps that are either under
the Business, Productivity, Photography and Graphic Design categories.
(if you didn't know already, now there's a Mac software update that provides 
an "apple store" for your desktop with tons of apps you can download...
just like the iphone apps)
So here is my latest waste my time project, I made a collage using an app
called Photo Poster Maker! What are your favorite Apps?



Celebrating One Year

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Bryan and I celebrated our one year anniversary this past week with lots of activities! First we went out to celebrate on our actual anniversary day (2/13) to Boa Steakhouse in West Hollywood for a romantic dinner! Then we decided to continue to celebrate our one year by taking a trip to Northern California to hang out in San Fran, Napa and Sonoma. B is so romantic...we were strolling around San Fran and we went to the exact spot where he proposed to me almost 2 years ago! Then he pulled out a tiffany's box and said, "Happy Anniversary!" After spending time in San Fran we drove to Napa and stopped at Domaine Carneros Winery for some wine tasting! Then we headed to the Sonoma coast for a night at The Bodega Bay Resort. It was truly a relaxing weekend celebrating our amazing first year of marriage together! 
One Year Anniversary Dinner at Boa Steakhouse in LA 

Wine Tasting in Napa
Domain Carneros Winery 
strolling around San Fran in the rain! 
Cafe Mason in San Fran! 

it was a little rainy in San Fran but we made the best of it! 
Wine Tasting in Sonoma
Bodego Bay 


My little Valentine

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I live in Los Angeles and my niece lives in Dallas, and it is hard for me to see Reese as often as I would like...So in the meantime while we are apart, Pam, Reese and I skype for about an hour at least 3 times a week..more if I'm lucky! It has become one of my favorite things to do with Reese..
She made valentines for the first time this year, and can pronounce every holiday saying
(as you can see from the previous videos such as "Happy Birthday!" and "Merry Christmas!") so here is the latest holiday video from my little Valentine!

P.S. This last skype was especially cute because Aunt Taz had been sick with no voice for the past 7 days which meant...no skyping with Reese. So when I finally got well, I gave her a call and when they answered, Reese screamed for about 10 minutes because she was SO excited to see me! She says to me, "T...you're funny!"  I love that, and will do whatever it takes to always make her giggle! 
           we made sure to do lots of goofing off together the last time I saw her! 


what I'm really thinking...

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sometimes I can't sleep & I find myself thinking about the most random stuff..or maybe it's the stuff that I really care about that I don't usually care to admit....well here goes, no perky blog post about an event or casting or whatever...just my random thoughts this Tuesday morning at 8am.

First of all, why am I awake so early for no reason? Then again, I bet people in the South got up for work or the gym hours ago...LA is so laid back, I've gotten so spoiled with my occasional 10AM jobs..
  • Do you remember Pedro from Napoleon Dynomite? Well, he's my neighbor right under our apartment....I'm glad he likes to have fun, but I always can hear his late night parties, and he sounds pretty chipper this morning as a matter of fact. Maybe that's what woke me up? 
  • I love our new one bedroom apartment, I love that we started our marriage in a teeny tiny studio & didn't even really care! We had a blast...but I sure do love our new place just 2 floors up, even if Pedro is my new loud neighbor, now I can have one more room to hang out in, like right now while B snoozes and I'm up for no good reason but to ramble
  • Have you ever had a really close childhood friendship turn into a slowly  drifting apart friendship until you realize it is finally just one-sided and probably not a true friendship after all? 
  • I had a friend that I always thought was going to be a BFF, always thought about (still think about obviously) all the time, thinking we will always pick right back up where I remember being so close....and then I finally realized (years later) that this person really hasn't thought about me in months. I have to admit, it is really kind awkward (never can spell this word) when you realize that you care so much more for someone than they do in return. It kind of makes you feel like a loser! It's been really sad to me this past year but there's really nothing I can do about it...I live in California, "out of sight out of mind" perhaps..it's okay though, people change, people grow up and grow apart...it just took me a while to realize it. 
  • New chapter for me: I'm working on my new friendships that I have here in LA that I neglect due to missing Texas friends and family....and am really happy to have made a new friend, Holly who I really adore. And of course I have my Bonnie who is such a diva and blessing to me here in Hollywood. Sometimes I forget that "the grass is greener where you water it" ...it's not greener on the other side! (little quote from Savita) There are some really amazing people right in front of your face....you just have to pay attention! I'm really thankful for the handful of girlfriends I have found here in this town.
  • Living in California really has been fun, especially this past year as Mrs. Mason! (I hope it is just a newlywed, before babies situation...I don't really plan on sending my future kids to Hollywood High to be rockstars! When we're ready for babies, the burbs might be calling my name!) 
  • Bryan took me to Boa steakhouse the other night for our anniversary. The paparattzi were there which is still kind of cool to me to see them in action! Hayden whatever her name is was there along with "The Masons" who were spotted dining at the hot spot! LOL 
  • I worked for a Walmart commercial yesterday, doing casting. It was a busy day but a good day. Crazy I only made about enough $ to go grocery shopping or buy one pair of shoes. Sigh. But a great gig for my resume!  
  • I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up..
  • My dad sent my mom a really cute Valentine that makes me smile. I wont share the details so it can be a private little moment, but it makes me so happy when I see my parents and bryan's parents still in love after so many years....I hope Bryan knows what he is locked into! 
  • Hey I just realized Pedro (my neighbor) went to work, suddenly it's quiet. 
  • insecurities. aka faults. something you secretly try to improve, enhance or change in order to gain approval or to appear "perfect"...I have a few at least and Lord knows I will never be anyone but me....no matter how hard I try. I wonder if the things that we don't like about ourselves are only "faults" to us, while being enduring characteristics that others love? hmm...I'm going to pray about this one..
  • I pray for my friend's babies often...Piper and Price, and I just realized today that I have never actually met them in person before...ever. And now another baby named Baker, is on my heart. A Phi Mu from College just had him and he is in very special care right now, and will most likely be a special needs child. If you would like to pray for my friends babies, I would love that. 
  • I'm going to Switzerland in a couple of weeks to visit my daddy, my sister Pam, my niece Reese, my mom & my brother! So sad the breadwinners (Kevin and Bryan) are going to miss this trip while the wives go off to play! Thanks for being providers, awesome hardworking hubbys...we'll send you a postcard! awww..
  • My dad wants to teach Reese how to snow ski while we are in Switzerland.          I think he forgets she is only 2! I can't wait. 
hmm..welp, that's all I had on my mind today. wow it's almost 9am! time to make Bryan's lunch before he goes off to work! 



Happy Valentine's Day!

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Happy Valentine's Day to my fabulous family & friends! I hope your day is filled with lots of sweetness, love and pink!

Southern Bride Magazine Feature: A-Valentines-Bride

a year ago today...

Stay Tuned for more blogging details about our anniversary celebrating ONE YEAR of marriage!


Ikid with Brad Garrett

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Stay Tuned! Later this year the new Ryan Seacrest Productions series will make its debut on TLC! You don't want to miss this new candid kids show,
"I Kid with Brad Garrett" 
Check out the latest Tweet from Ryan Seacrest ! Did I mention that yours truly found the amazing kids that you will see on the show? I had a blast doing the casting for this show & I know it's going to be a hit! (if you happen to flip to Lifetime's similar show is hosted by Heidi Klum, (Seriously Funny Kids) that is NOT the show we want high ratings for! Besides, Brad Garrett is WAY more fun interviewing kiddos than a model...really? So flip back to TLC when it airs later this year and tune into "I KID WITH BRAD GARRETT!"  
Casting Call in LA 

Brad had a blast with this duo, Mom & Daughter 
Filming the Show in LA 
Where it all begins! This is my attempt to organize  all the kids info! 
Ryan Seacrest Productions

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