My little Valentine

I live in Los Angeles and my niece lives in Dallas, and it is hard for me to see Reese as often as I would like...So in the meantime while we are apart, Pam, Reese and I skype for about an hour at least 3 times a week..more if I'm lucky! It has become one of my favorite things to do with Reese..
She made valentines for the first time this year, and can pronounce every holiday saying
(as you can see from the previous videos such as "Happy Birthday!" and "Merry Christmas!") so here is the latest holiday video from my little Valentine!

P.S. This last skype was especially cute because Aunt Taz had been sick with no voice for the past 7 days which meant...no skyping with Reese. So when I finally got well, I gave her a call and when they answered, Reese screamed for about 10 minutes because she was SO excited to see me! She says to me, "T...you're funny!"  I love that, and will do whatever it takes to always make her giggle! 
           we made sure to do lots of goofing off together the last time I saw her! 

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