Domestic Diva 101

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Hello friends!

Well, if you don't know by now, I resigned from my job as an orthopedic sales consultant during my Bridezilla days..I simply could not fly from Los Angeles to Texas all the time, work full time AND be a Bridezilla full time. So to enjoy my wedding week and honeymoon to the fullest as I began a new chapter of my life, I resigned to prepare to be Mrs. Solomon Bryan Mason IV.

So here we are, two months as Mrs. Mason and a full time housewife. Now the downside to that decision is that I have been job searching ever since I returned to Hollywood after my fabulous honeymoon in Cabo! But to keep it positive, I know that God has an awesome new job in store for me and when the time is right, I'll land a gig that's bigger and better!

I have a secret though, I have actually enjoyed the role of Mrs. Housewife while being unemployed. I have taken up going to Spin Class, (okay so I only did that one time, but I plan on going back!) and I also have time to go tanning, work out and grocery shop during the day. It's fabulous!

Today I am feeling quite domestic-ish. Ladies and blog readers, I have purchased my VERY FIRST pot roast as I plan to prepare a yummy dinner for my hubby! (who just got a huge new promotion and deserves more than a pb&j's for dinner!)

So wish me luck! I'm decked out right now in a cute pink apron and just put my roast in the oven to cook a couple hours. Next I will make gravy and Funfetti cupcakes for dessert.

Oh and did I mention, I made home-made waffles yesterday with our Al-Clad waffle maker that we got as a wedding gift! They must have been yummy because Bryan ate three of them!

Cheers to being a domestic goddess ladies!


Wedding Dinner

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Thank you Kyle Rutherford for putting together this adorable slideshow of photos capturing me & my new husband post-wedding! Love it! Click on the link below to see the video! 

Wedding Dinner


Love is Sweet

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Yesterday my wonderful hubby of two months came home and surprised me with a dozen HOT PINK roses & a bag of my FAVORITE candy, York Peppermint Patties just to make a special moment on our 2 Month mark of being Married!
It's the little thoughtful things he does that makes my heart melt every time!
God is good... marriage is a blessed thing when you love the Lord! Looking forward to blessings to come & a life growing old as Mrs. Mason with my true love, Solomon Bryan Mason IV! Love Is Sweet.


MDX Guitars

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For twenty years Dwight Maddox, luthier of MDX has created incredible custom made guitars for Blind Melon, L7, FREEKBASS, Cowboy Mouth, R.L. Burnside, Train, 3 Doors Down, Bloodhound Gang, Clay Cook, Mudvane, Widespread Panic, Doug Stone and Vance DeGenerous, just to name a few. Each guitar is hand made from raw cut wood, hand picked by Dwight, and crafted with precision. Some have Italian suede, fur, glow in the dark, holograms or marble bodies. Check out Dwight's portfolio! 


Hollywood Celebrity Sightings!

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I spotted the Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards doing some holiday shopping at a mall in North Hollywood. She tweeted me an hour later to confirm my "celeb sighting" was indeed her! 


Judge Joe Brown bought me cotton candy on my birthday! 

 SNOOP DOG at the Hard Rock Cafe, Universal Studios  
Other Celebs Sightings while I've been living in Los Angeles from 2006-2012! 

*Paris and Nikki Hilton (saw Paris a few times out in LA and Niki saying

*Nicole Richie

*Haylie and Hillary Duff (saw them at club Les Deux & saw Haylie munching on salad with friends at a restaurant called "Birds" located in Hollywood)

*Mary Kate & Ashley OlsinM

*Pierce Brosnan (saw with Bryan at his movie screening & question/answer!)

*Macauly Caulkin (saw him on a random street & asked for a picture! cant find it but he looks the exact same

*Vince Vaughn-spoke to him and he seems the exact same way in real life as on camera...loud, cocky, annoying & tall

*McSteamy (grays anatomy, saw him at a movie premier after party and I
accidentally winked at him while holding my husband's hand! Sorry B!)

*Harry from sex and the city- saw him outside a hotel & talked to him

*Cameron Diaz- saw her & everyone else at the MTV movie awards

*Kim Kardashian-saw her on sunset with Reggie & also in Vegas

*Jessica Simpson -Saw her at a club called "HYDE" and I tried to bond with her telling her that I was also from Texas, and she smiled and looked the other way!

*Taye Diggs and the cast of Private Practice-I was an extra on the very first Private Practice episode

*Alyssa Milano-I was an extra on her movie "Pathology"

*David Spade-saw him at the arclight cinemas on sunset blvd & dining at KOI restaurant

*Tom Green-saw him at Blowfish Sushi on Sunset & had dinner with him

*"Callie" from Gray's Anatomy (saw her at a club, "Les Deux

*George Lopez-saw him walking across hollywood blvd to a movie premier

*"Dell" from Private Practice (saw him in vegas)

*Tina Fey-saw her at the movies in line for popcorn, Arclight Cinimas on Sunset blvd

*Dane Cook-saw him at "Hyde" club in Hollywood

*Tim Allen-saw him dining with his family at a restaurant called "Ketchup"

*Heather Locklier-saw at a random mall in 2006

*Randy Jackson -spoke to him at MTV, he was there for a business meeting

*Nick Cannon- saw him several times while I worked for MTV NETWORKS

*Ellen DeGenerous-saw her at a Cowboy Mouth concert, making out with Portia

*Travis Barker-saw him yelling and sticking out his tongue on sunset blvd

*36 Maffia -met them in a tatoo shop on sunset blvd. He tried to shake my hand with his "hook" and I played "dumb blonde" and ran out of there quick!

*Shanna Moekler- saw her while on set of "Entourage" (I was an extra)

*The cast of Drop Dead Diva (at the show's party with Bonnie!)

*the guy from Kiss (eating at the ivy)

*Kimberly Stewart-saw her at a club called "LAX"

*Wilmer Valderrama - saw him a few times out and about hollywood

*Posh & David Beckham- dining in West Hollywood at KOI restaurant

*Ian Zeering (you know, "steve" from 90210) saw him at Les Deux and at breakfast at "The Griddle" on Sunset blvd

*Dennis Rodman- turned him down along with my friends Alexis Ocampo, Laura Pool & Jennifer Farris when he begged my girls and I to hop in his limo & hang out in Hollywood with him! We shook our heads, laughed & responded no thank you and it's all caught on TMZ!

*Harrison Ford (saw him in Beverly Hills) 

*"The Rock" Dwayne something (cant remember his last name) -saw him with my mom DJ and went to his movie premier and after party at Universal Studios

*DJAM- saw him before he died spinning records at club LAX

*Kendra (post-baby Hank)-spotted her while riding bikes on Sunset blvd. 
she was talking to a valet guy, wearing sweats and a ponytail

*Daniela Ruah: Actress on NCIS-LOS ANGELES. I stood in line behind her at Ralphs (grocery store!) We chatted while walking to our cars. She drives a Lexus SUV. of course I told her that I loved her show!

*LL COOL J: Spotted him while I was dining at a hollywood restaurant, "KATSUYA" with  my friend Lindsey Gilliland who was visiting LA. He was very friendly and "Cool J"  



He is Risen!

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I hope you all had a wonderful easter! I had my first easter with my husband! We went to the Hollywood Bowl for Bel Air Presbyterian's annual easter church service. It was beautiful weather and so much fun to be joined by his sister Anna & my good friend Savita, who also lives in Los Angeles.

After church, Bryan and I went for a bike ride in Beverly Hills..the weather is really the best part about living in Los Angeles!


Breakfast at Tiffany's Bridal Brunch Video

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Teresa's wedding February 2010

My neighbors, the Rutherfords, made this awesome video for me! Check it out! It's from my Breakfast at Tiffany's bridal brunch!


Viva Las Vegas!

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One of the fun things about living in Los Angeles, Road Trips!

Last weekend Bryan and I went to Las Vegas to celebrate his little sister Anna's 22nd birthday! We had a blast taking a limo around the Vegas strip, enjoyed a birthday dinner celebration at Smith & Wollensky's and went out to the House of Blue's Foundation room! And don't forget Sunday morning, we had some good ole' worship Vegas style at the House of Blue's Gospel Brunch! Can I get an Amen?

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