Domestic Diva 101

Hello friends!

Well, if you don't know by now, I resigned from my job as an orthopedic sales consultant during my Bridezilla days..I simply could not fly from Los Angeles to Texas all the time, work full time AND be a Bridezilla full time. So to enjoy my wedding week and honeymoon to the fullest as I began a new chapter of my life, I resigned to prepare to be Mrs. Solomon Bryan Mason IV.

So here we are, two months as Mrs. Mason and a full time housewife. Now the downside to that decision is that I have been job searching ever since I returned to Hollywood after my fabulous honeymoon in Cabo! But to keep it positive, I know that God has an awesome new job in store for me and when the time is right, I'll land a gig that's bigger and better!

I have a secret though, I have actually enjoyed the role of Mrs. Housewife while being unemployed. I have taken up going to Spin Class, (okay so I only did that one time, but I plan on going back!) and I also have time to go tanning, work out and grocery shop during the day. It's fabulous!

Today I am feeling quite domestic-ish. Ladies and blog readers, I have purchased my VERY FIRST pot roast as I plan to prepare a yummy dinner for my hubby! (who just got a huge new promotion and deserves more than a pb&j's for dinner!)

So wish me luck! I'm decked out right now in a cute pink apron and just put my roast in the oven to cook a couple hours. Next I will make gravy and Funfetti cupcakes for dessert.

Oh and did I mention, I made home-made waffles yesterday with our Al-Clad waffle maker that we got as a wedding gift! They must have been yummy because Bryan ate three of them!

Cheers to being a domestic goddess ladies!

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Le Petit said...

Amen, those of us who stay home deserve some recognition. :)

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