Mac Nerd

Macs, Iphones, Ipads oh my!
I love gadgets, technology, cool gizmos, you name it! I'm a Mac dork! 
The minute I start browsing the App store on my iphone or Mac, my to-do list 
goes out the window! I love finding cool apps to download and play with... 
Of course I do not like Angry birds or other dumb games, (except Words 
with Friends of course!) I tend to like the creative apps that are either under
the Business, Productivity, Photography and Graphic Design categories.
(if you didn't know already, now there's a Mac software update that provides 
an "apple store" for your desktop with tons of apps you can download...
just like the iphone apps)
So here is my latest waste my time project, I made a collage using an app
called Photo Poster Maker! What are your favorite Apps?



Anonymous said...

these photopostermaker collages look great!

Garima said...

Teresa, hi from another Mac lover! Great posters! Actually my husband developed this app and I am glad to know that you used it (http://www.2steger.de/photopostermaker/) to create posters of your trip. We have used it to create similar posters of our trips and vacations and they adorn our walls :-)

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