Blog Party-is it a DO or a Don't?

I think joining the Blog Party is a "DO!" It's so fun! Sort of...however...
I think joining the Blog Party was a mistake! I realize how much fun it is!
as if I need ANOTHER form of social media! facebook, twitter, linkedin, chatting on google,
blogging..and my FAVORITE...SKYPE! (a MUST-HAVE if you live far from your family like me...I skype with my mom, sis & niece at least 4 times a week!)
welp, at least you know where to find me I suppose!
Which makes me wonder, with all this blogging business...is anyone enjoying my blog babble? anyone even on my page out there? when you think about it, what is the point?
I'm sure I will continue to let (yet another) form of social networking add another hour (or more..oops) to my "productive" tasks that I should be doing! As if I need any distractions!
That's why I enjoy the world of TWEETS! You don't have to try to "format" to make your page look cute...just send a message and BAM! You have just sent a tweet.
This blogging takes me a lot longer, maybe because I'm a beginner....but I secretly wish more of you blogging gurus would join me via an @teresalowther or re-tweet! Anyways, time to turn off this adorable mac of mine!


Jacquelyn Colley said...

Keep blogging!! I check it-promise!!!! Miss you!

cindy gatewood said...

LOVE it!

Night night

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