Aunt T and Uncle B's Trip To Dallas

Bryan and I flew to Dallas for a weekend visit with the Perkins Family! It was a quick trip but so much fun! We love being Aunt T and Uncle B to Reese! My family means the world to me, so it is very important that I spend time with them any chance I can! We had such a great time playing with Reese, who is almost 2 now! 

She ADORES her uncle B, and all weekend she would point to him and say, "B!" When we first got to Dallas, Pam and Kevin took us to the Children's museum where we got to play with boxes, color, and see all kinds of cool stuff! It was so much fun to see her so grown up, walking around the museum so curious about everything, coloring on her own, and just watching her grow into a smart little independent cookie


Reese walked around all weekend and would point to Bryan and say, "B!" 

That weekend it was my brother in law's birthday so Bryan got hooked up with tickets to take them to the House of Blues Gospel Brunch show. Kevin He had to go on stage and dance when we made sure to point out it was his birthday! Even Reese even got to go up on stage with her daddy! She had so much fun, and I'm telling you, this baby can praise the Lord! She LOVED the gospel music! Her hands were held up high in the air as she swayed back and forth to the good ole' Southern gospel songs! Her jaw dropped when a singer came up to her and Kevin to lead him to the stage for his "birthday moment" She was SO excited to be picked! It was the funniest thing I have ever seen! I think we have a little missionary on our hands! 

We also went to the park one day and had a picnic and played on the playground. I was NOT used to the Texas heat! I think California weather has spoiled me! Despite being hot and sweaty all weekend, I didn't let it stop me from playing on the playground!



Uncle B bought Reese her very first swimming pool to play in on Memorial Day, also our last day in Dallas. She was SO excited to see what her Uncle B got her! She stood and watched Bryan (who was sweating and working so hard to blow this thing up!) She just kept saying, "B! Pool! B!...Pool! 
Once it was all set up and ready to go, she had the time of her life in her very own elephant pool! Thanks uncle B! After an amazing weekend in Dallas, we flew back to LA with tons of memories to cherish forever. God is so good and has blessed me with an amazing family! I've decided I can't go longer than a couple months without seeing my niece, so I've already booked a flight back to Dallas to hang out with Reese next month in July! You think THIS Aunt is going to get life get in the way of visiting her family? Love, "Aunt Tazzy"



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Pamela said...

That was the best weekend. Reese is still talking about T and B. And when she wears her House of Blues shirt she puts her two little hands on her heart and says with much love, "B"!

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