Dallas, Diapers and Divas

I just got back from spending a week in Dallas visiting my family in Plano; Pam, Kevin and my niece Reese as well as visiting my good friend Paige Kelly at her baby shower held at her home in Southlake.
It was such a wonderful week and I thank God for blessing me with such wonderful family and friends.
He is so good isn't he?
I adore my niece, as you probably know if you have ever met me or read this blog, so it was awesome to spend time with Reese when I made Pam have some "me time" at the salon while Reesie and I just hung out in downtown Dallas coloring at starbucks over a cup of milk for her, and a latte for me. Then we walked around outside watching the "choo choo train" (it was really a trolly) and shared a slice of pizza and colored some more until mommy came out of the salon beautiful and blonde again. I think that was my favorite day because i got some "Aunt T and Me Time" and it was awesome.
I got to go with Pam to take Reese to school at Grace Presbyterian in Plano. She colored a brown boot picture, rode a train, played with some other 2 year olds and then we picked her back up a couple hours later to play some more when "school" was out! 
Another favorite part of the trip was hearing the ice cream truck outside of Pam and Kevin's home. I quickly asked if Reese had ever experienced chasing after the ice cream man and as soon as they responded no, I grabbed the baby and sprinted out the door chasing the ice cream truck as she laughed in excitement, hair blowing in the wind while her parents were running after us with, anxiously watching crazy aunt T with their precious child's head bobbing as I ran down the street in excitement. She picked a dora the explorer ice cream once we finally made it to the ice cream man. I hope she remembers that moment when she grows up...it was so much fun!
Every trip to Texas is always a blast, my family means the world to me. It was bittersweet leaving sweet Reese and my best friend Pam, but at the same time, my amazing husband was there to pick me up when I arrived back in Los Angeles. Life is good, God is good and has amazed me day by day with his grace and blessings. Every time I think of my family, friends, and husband, I thank my God for them.
Reese enjoying her icecream, double fisting it! 
I think she likes it! 
        i adore my niece
playing dress up, one of our favorite games 

My good friend Paige is expecting a sweet little girl named Piper, and she had her baby shower this weekend! It was so much fun, so girlie, pink and perfect. My sister and I went and it was so wonderful to see the mommy-to-be in such good health, happy as she is expecting her first little blessing this September. Here are a few snapshots of the decor at the party! 
              Congrats Paigie girl, we can't wait to meet Piper! The baby shower was so cute!

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cindy gatewood said...

Aw, what a wonderful Aunt you are to
precious Reese!

Love you!

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