Full Time Wife with 3 Part Time Jobs!

So you've probably noticed that I keep posting casting calls on my blog.
I'm so happy to finally find work. I have been looking for a job since I returned from my honeymoon!
I still would love to get into pharmaceutical sales one day, but for now, God opened some old school career doors for me and has been keeping me busy! Finally! I'm now working part time for 3 different shows! I forgot how much I enjoying working in TV casting...reminds me of when I first moved to Los Angeles and worked at MTV.

I'm casting for ABC's Supernanny, which is fun because I get to find families with kids and I have an excuse to wear my converse shoes, my niece's Silly Bandz and a t-shirt for "work" instead of my medical sales outfits that made me feel like I was 40. I'm also working for a former boss I had years ago at MTV, who now has created his own business called PEOPLE FARM INC. and am casting a new huge show about wedding planners. Last but not least, bringing it back to the old school, I'm going to be casting teenie boppers for an MTV pilot. I'm just happy that the Lord opened some doors for me finally! I don't have a full time job yet, so keep me in mind! :) but as long as someone in Hollywood needs me for casting, I'm in!

Newlywed life is so much fun. I love being married. Bryan and I have taken up a new hobby, hiking! We have been going about every weekend. If we don't hike, we go to concerts in Hollywood, since he always brings home tickets from his work, LIVE NATION. I'm so excited this weekend we are going to see JOHN MAYER and then my favorite, DAVE MATTHEWS at the Hollywood Bowl! Whooo hoo! Can't wait!

Happy Weekend from Hollywood Ya'll!

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