Suisse Family Trip 2010

What an amazing week in SWITZERLAND with the family! Bryan, Pam, Kevin and I flew to Switzerland to spend a week with my Daddy at his chateau in Bursinel. My dad organized an amazing two-day hike in the Suisse alps that we have all been training for, and I will never forget that experience exploring Switzerland with my family! We wore special "crampons" to hike across a glacier, did some rock climbing...it was some serious hiking! It was awesome! We hiked about 7 hours the first day ending at the top of Zermatt, where we stayed in the mountain lodge overnight. The next morning we hiked back down, another 5-7 hours. It was the best feeling getting to the top, then again making it back down in one piece! I have to admit it was no stroll in the park! Thank goodness Bryan has been training me in California to be ready for hiking in Zermatt!


       Pam and I picked roses from the garden for our hair

After our two-day hike, Bryan and I took a train to Paris to visit the city for a couple of days. It was just as romantic as everyone says it is! We walked all around the city, dining at cute little French cafes, browsing all the charming shops and making sure to see all the beautiful architecture and history throughout Paris. My favorite sight? The Eiffel Tower!  
                             The Eiffel Tower was gorgeous at night!
and during the day! 

Bryan at a French Cafe! 

It was an amazing trip that I will never forget! 

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Paige said...

So glad you had such a good time! Love the pics!

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