Dear Michael

WOW! ....I can't believe you are turning 21! 

I still remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. I was in the third grade and got a call to go to the principles office because I had a phone call...I answered the phone to hear dad say, "Teresa...you have a little brother! His name is Michael." 

I had just become a big sister! I ran back to my class room and announced to the whole class, "I have a little brother!"

Michael, you have truly grown into an amazing young man! I am so very proud of you. What a blessing you are to me, my little brother! We have so many memories together and we have so many more to make in the years to come! 

The past 21 years, you have touched my life in more ways than you know. You are truly the most awesome brother a sister could ask for. Your family loves you so very much! 

Happy 21st Birthday  to my amazing, one of a kind, sweet, thoughtful, caring, smart, loving, AWESOME little brother...MICHAEL


cindy gatewood said...

Teresa..this is so sweet!
I love looking at the pics
through the years.
Happy birthday to Michael!

Donna said...

Teresa, I love this, I enjoyed looking at it again. You are so precious to our family. Thank you Cindy for the sweet comment and encouraging Teresa all the time! xo

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