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Hey friends! While working in casting on a variety of TV shows and especially my current gig casting kids for a candid kids show produced by Ryan Seacrest, many parents have sent me followup emails asking for guidance on what it takes to have their child work in showbiz, and what steps to take as a parent looking to get their child more auditions, an agent, acting classes, headshots, etc.

For all the parents out there, I have a great website to recommend to you! 
My friend Tracy Bobbit, is the creator and writer for  www.hollywoodmomblog.com

"Hollywood Mom Blog is the brainchild of Tracy Bobbitt, the mother of an aspiring child actor who has her finger firmly on the pulse of the entertainment industry as it relates to child actors and their parents and the hectic lives of today’s moms; the daily balancing act of marriage, motherhood and business in the glamor capital of the USA.  With a background in writing, film production, design and marketing and as the spouse of award-winning Feature Film Property Master, Russell Bobbitt, Tracy is more than qualified to helm the tour bus on your bumpy ride through La La Land.
Even if you don’t live in Hollywood, if you find yourself juggling multiple jobs, events and responsibilities while pursuing your child’s passions and you do it with the facade of glamorous calm, YOU my friend are a HOLLYWOOD MOM."

Check it out! 

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