Do you have any family Christmas or Hannakuh traditions? This year Bryan is spending Christmas with me and my family for the first time, and I'm so excited to share my family traditions with him!

Christmas Eve: My family all goes to Houston to my parents house, and after we enjoy a Christmas meal, we go into one of my favorite rooms in our house (one of the living rooms) and we give each other Christmas gifts! There is one tradition that I get very stressed about. (only when people forget to put on the hat or get bored of this tradition!) Whoever is GIVING the gift, MUST wear a santa hat while giving it to the other family member. The person that has just been given a gift then puts on the Santa Hat, goes to pick a gift and gives it to another family member.
After all the gifts are open, the room is a mess with wrapping paper and goodies, we leave a note for Santa along with Milk and Cookies. Then all the kids (me, my sister, my brother, Reese my niece and our husbands, Kevin and Bryan) go to sleep! I think Mr. and Mrs. Lowther get some sleep, they have to cause that's when SANTA comes!

Christmas Morning:
We (siblings & husbands) wait for each other to wake up, and then we walk down the stairs together in order of age! (pam's idea, she calls it "RANK" I think she created this tradition so she would always go first down the stairs) When we get to the bottom, usually my mom and dad are standing there with cameras and then we run to our stockings and the christmas tree to see what santa brought us!
Santa also leaves a trail of a million hershey kisses on the places that he walks around the house! He also responds to our christmas notes for him, and he even thanks us for the cookies!

After we open gifts, we race to see who can pick up the most hershey kisses and put thm in our stocking. Oh! I almost forgot my FAVORITE tradition of all!! About 10 years ago I gave my older sister, Pam, a paid of HUGE grandma panties wrapped in a box from Victoria's secret to play a prank on her! The next year, she had sewn something on the same pair of giant panties, wrapped in the same box and gave the pair back to me. Since then, every year whoever has the panties adds something to the panties and gives it in the same box wrapped as a fancy gift to the other sister. It is always entertaining, and truly a tradition that is silly, but special between my sister and I.

I was spoiled ever since I was born! 

                                     Pam (my older sister) and I have ALWAYS loved Christmas

Giant Panties after 10 years of our tradition of adding something & re-gifting
My dad ALWAYS gives my mom the most romantic gift! I love their love. 

I'm getting so excited to spend Christmas with my family! What are you excited about this season? HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Cheers! 

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Paige said...

Flashback 80's pics! Love it! Look at your hot momma!:)

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