Why did I not know about this?

I am having a blast finding friends on blogger! Why did I not know this was SO much fun and a great way to keep in touch with everyone in a much more intimate way than facebook?

I am anxiously adding and clicking excitedly (is that a word?) as I'm finding more and more of my college friends, high school friends who are now married and some preggers, Phi Mu Sorority Sisters that I haven't spoken to in years yet always think about and remember as the best days of my time spent at MSU..

Ya'll, I'm SO excited to finally get this party started! Bare with me in my editing and posting skills...since I'm so late in the game, (and I thought I was the QUEEN of social networking?!)

I assure you, check back with me when I get good at this thing and I will have the cutest blog that you will be proud to add to your list of "blogs you follow"  ha!

YEAH! I'm so excited to have found you friends! So far I've found the Priers, the Lindley's, well...I guess you can see who I've found to the right of the screen here!

Okay, so anyway..just wanted to say hello and welcome myself to the Blogging Bandwagon!

Love, Teresa Lowther Mason!


Spring said...

So happy to have found your blog! So glad to be able to keep up with all that is going on in your life! Hope things are wonderful for you and Bryan!

Anonymous said...

Ahh...you're bloggin now! Awesome! I look forward to reading about your newlywed adventures. :)

Anonymous said...


So you're blogging now? Awesome! I look forward to keeping up with your newlywed adventures. :)


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