Ikid with Brad Garrett

Stay Tuned! Later this year the new Ryan Seacrest Productions series will make its debut on TLC! You don't want to miss this new candid kids show,
"I Kid with Brad Garrett" 
Check out the latest Tweet from Ryan Seacrest ! Did I mention that yours truly found the amazing kids that you will see on the show? I had a blast doing the casting for this show & I know it's going to be a hit! (if you happen to flip to Lifetime's similar show is hosted by Heidi Klum, (Seriously Funny Kids) that is NOT the show we want high ratings for! Besides, Brad Garrett is WAY more fun interviewing kiddos than a model...really? So flip back to TLC when it airs later this year and tune into "I KID WITH BRAD GARRETT!"  
Casting Call in LA 

Brad had a blast with this duo, Mom & Daughter 
Filming the Show in LA 
Where it all begins! This is my attempt to organize  all the kids info! 
Ryan Seacrest Productions

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McKenzie Rice (Zach's Mommy) said...

Thank you so much for choosing my son, Zachary Alexander Rice, to be part of the "I Kid" show. He had the time of his life and was over-joyed that he got to bring his Grammy to be interviewed, too. Zach is Brad's newest...and most dedicated fan! Brad Rocks. Good luck to you...and God Bless!!

McKenzie Rice (Zach's Mommy)

See photos from the shoot at the link below!

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